Improvement - An Integrated Approach
Real improvement promotes return on investment without chaos. Changes to your organizational structure or workflow to improve efficiency or quality must be practical for your environment. 

New technologies present substantial opportunities, but require major investment.  Targeted vendor selection processes and thoroughly planned implementations are critical for ROI.  

Staff must be poised to grasp the opportunity 
presented with improvement or technology initiatives.  Managers may require training to strengthen or develop new competencies. Targets and incentives with performance metrics that align with company goals promote ROI.  Sage Ventures can assure your improvement initiatives result in enhanced performance and return on investment.

- Organizational design and alignment

- Workflow assessment and design

- Operational performance metrics and measurement
- Technology selection 

Staff Development

- Executive mentoring - Targeted coaching for improved managerial performance with
planning, budgeting, communication, negotiation and performance appraisal.

- Performance Management - Performance appraisal and management for results, incentive programs that align performance with company goals.